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Kenesha C. May 18, 2016 729 views

Should I enter college right after high school if I do not know what I wish to major in?

I am asking because I want to go to college but I do not want to waste time or money on any classes I am not passionate about....


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James H. May 18, 2016 1361 views

What major should I pursue in order to be an entertainer?

I am a junior and enjoy public speaking and entertaining people. I thought I wanted to be a politician, but realized I only enjoyed the public speaking part of it, not the big decision making. #college #professional...


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James H. May 18, 2016 343 views

How much does an entertainer travel?

If I were to be an entertainer, I would like to know how long I would be away from home from my family....


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Jill S. May 21, 2016 1407 views

Can someone realistically pursue acting while having a part-time job?

I want to be able to pursue my dreams in musical theatre while also having a stable job that interests me, like teaching piano or owning a small online business. #acting #theatre #theater #actors #musical-theatre #small-business #tutoring...


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jonathan G. Jun 22, 2016 500 views
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kirankumar S. Jun 23, 2016 1293 views