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Amanda Lutton

Manager, University Recruiting
Oakland, California
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McKenna’s Avatar
McKenna Aug 22, 2023 583 views

When did you learn this career was right for you ?

I am a rising senior and struggling to decide what career path/ major is right for me.

S’s Avatar
S Aug 22, 2023 373 views

How high should I shoot for my colleges or universities to apply for Is anything too far or too close??

I don’t think there can be any too far colleges but it depends on the applicant and which colleges applications they want to pay for.

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Jul 28, 2023 798 views

What is the best way to find your passion?

I'm a upcoming 11th grader who doesn't know what to do as a major for college soon. I only have so much time for school left and I've been indecisive of these options: criminal justice, nursing, culinary, and construction. I want to find out which one i feel more passionate or interested in at...

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Jul 21, 2023 299 views

What career option I can choose in sociology?

I really don't know what career option to choose from but my major is sociology and I want to explore what careers I could choose in Sociology.