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Abigail Bernard, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Maleeyah’s Avatar
Maleeyah Nov 24, 2023 285 views

What would be great advice to help with getting me prepared for working with infants as a nurse and where would be a good place to start to get ready soon?

I’m 19 and working on college and I would like to know to get started.

Sumayyah’s Avatar
Sumayyah Sep 18, 2023 477 views

How do I find direction post-graduation? Share advice on what helped you after you graduated.

I am currently job-searching in the Marketing field but everything feels unstructured and messy. I’m unsure what steps to take that would help me reach my career goals.

Maricela’s Avatar
Maricela Sep 16, 2023 1018 views

What career could i go for after reciving a associates degree in biology?

What jobs can i go to or where can i find jobs in this position

landon’s Avatar
landon Sep 06, 2023 1354 views

How do you find a job that makes you happy?

so im 14 and im scared for my future. even though getting a job is happening far from now im still scared. i dont want to waste my life doing something i dont like.

AJ’s Avatar
AJ Sep 04, 2023 512 views

How do Nurse Practitioners work and Registered Nurse ? What is the difference between them?

I do hope to be a Nurse Practitioner but I have also thought of being a Registered Nurse but I don't have much background information on the two.