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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Sydney Mar 19, 2023 447 views

For those who are going into consulting (MBB) after graduation, how long should we wait before applying to business school?

2-3 years? Or is it better to get more work experience? Moreover, is it worthwhile to go to business school only if you want to pivot careers or does it help you rise within the consulting firm to earn a business school degree?

Johniyah’s Avatar
Johniyah Aug 18, 2023 277 views

What are the best ways to prepare for interviews with top-tier management consulting firms McKinsey, Bain, BCG, mainly.?

Looking for both prep tips on the "case" questions, those puzzlers like "How many shaving razors are sold in the U.S. every year," and any personality "fit" questions. If there are any books or web resources, all the better. #interviews #consulting #mckinsey #bain #bcg

EmaaEmaa$amuel123’s Avatar
EmaaEmaa$amuel123 Aug 30, 2023 425 views

How I Prepare For Admission Interview In Oxford University?

My journey started when I got good grades in the college business subject, now I am pursuing my education for an MBA and I am really excited because I had enough marks to be eligible for Oxford University. First I wrote my admission essay on my own and proofread it by my college teacher They...

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BJ Aug 23, 2023 417 views

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss. ?

What career-path should i take if i want to be my own boss.