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JB Sep 17 185 views

What prerequisites are in need to be considered to execute an E-commerce Business?

Current objectivity's to learn it's nuances for planned project with few collectives of my scope. I need to accumulate enough on the vast scope being mentioned. Diversifying my question is beyond preferable by any means, branching out to say, business management, marketing, establishing...

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JB Sep 16 101 views

What professions can offer certain level of versatility to work on in-demand industries within years of duration?

Future-proofing is something I am in need to have. My interests can be diverse and multifaceted. This, primarily composed of Business, Tech (e.g. AI & Technological Developments and Modernisations), and Science. Recommending categorial variances of degrees which can bridge between the three's...

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JB Sep 14 68 views

How should I take more control over life?

There seems to be an unparalleled vision between me and the world. Contrasting values are prevalent in addition. I simply wanted to sail my own boat with fewer constraints.

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JB Sep 14 128 views

Should I already opt considering college this year?

Currently enrolled as a Grade 11 student, fresh out from Junior High still. My plan is to deviate from synchronous learning all through G12 if probable. Therefor an asynchronous modularity or self-paced learning is an attractive option given that I wanted to make way for my own study of...