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Alana Sep 26, 2023 235 views

How do i get ownership of my music?How do I get my music noticed?

Ive been writing music and singing for years.I just started like posting it I think two ye ago. My dream is to be a professional musician performing on stage. I want to write music that can help people grow and bond with each other.

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 26, 2023 1507 views

what is the average salary for a psychologist?

I might be interested in becoming a psychologist but if the salary is small enough that I would be struggling financially I might look in a different area of mental health or psychology for a career

Zharia’s Avatar
Zharia Sep 26, 2023 286 views

What are some tips on how to start your own business?

I’m trying to get into the fashion design industry and I’d like a few tips on where to start.