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Capitol Heights, Maryland
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Emmanuel Jan 11 664 views

When people say to invest in your career, do they mean genuinely put money into it or put a decent amount of time into it (ex. time worth, time = money).?

Putting money into your career & time into it are completely different things & I feel like they can be commonly mixed up promotio & engagement wise, so what's the true meaning.

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Emmanuel Jan 11 687 views

Is it necessary to make connections with those around you to market yourself, or could you do it entirely online with little to no interaction in your real life?

This is more centered to the people around you & the people online, what would be the best way to see good reception?

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Emmanuel Jan 11 436 views

Is it worth it to have a lawyer in the music industry?

Just incase you don't know how to negotiate or feel screwed over by someone you're working with.

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Emmanuel Jan 11 499 views

How should I prepare myself if my business starts to see a decline in profit?

For example, if I was making upwards of $500 consistently but then it suddenly drops to below $250.

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Emmanuel Jan 11 681 views

What are the necessary steps to marketing yourself properly in the industry?

What tools will I need?