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Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Dec 13, 2022 479 views

In your career, was there any obstacles that almost drove you away?

There are always cons to a job, but was there anything bad enough that almost made you stop what you love to do?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Dec 13, 2022 529 views

Do you expect hiring for the Computer Tech region to increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next few years?

The world is starting to use more technology and becoming more advanced so maybe the demand will start increasing.

Mundo’s Avatar
Mundo Mar 05, 2019 371 views

Through the present-day tech, how can its benefits produce over time to everyday lifestyle and still keep its usage viable?

Computers for example we know how its usage can still be viable to everyday life though there will be a time where its usefulness will come to an end. Not everyone uses this technology so that creates a divide and also create a advantage/disadvantage for both the users and non-users.

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta Jul 25, 2014 1875 views

Are there a downsides to hiring someone who graduated from a Women's College?

I am asking because I would think there would be something that would be lacking in a woman who went to an all women college than a women who went to a coed college or university. #career #jobs #colleges #women #coed #womens-college

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Jun 27, 2018 687 views

How come their are more men then women for tech jobs?

Girls can sometimes get timid and feel like they can't do the job they are tying out for because they don't understand one simple thing!!!

#tech #jobs

Alex ’s Avatar
Alex May 05, 2017 1203 views

What collage does a IT manager need?

I love tech, and want to be a IT manager. #technology #tech #it #it-management #it-operations

Kelly ’s Avatar
Kelly May 25, 2016 791 views

Is California the best state to be in to have a good job in technology or are there other states as well.

I don't know if I want to live in California when I am older. #technology #degree