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Julissa’s Career Goals

After finishing high-school I wish to do a 2 year college program then transfer my junior year of college. I want to get a masters degree in either social work or psychology. Or I would like to pursue something in politics!


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Julissa Mar 29 244 views

Is there a downside to addiction counseling that is not openly talked about?

Besides obviously having difficult days with people who are going through very emotional times, are there any catches to the profession people do not discuss?

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Julissa Mar 27 244 views

Would it be smarter to pursue two master's?

I want to be a substance abuse counselor, and I've heard that I can get a masters in both psychology or social work. Would it be smarter to just get one of those or do both? If so am I able to do it at the same time?

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Julissa Mar 27 338 views

How can I stay motivated?

After studying for so long, and I will keep going after high-school how should I stay motivated? How do I overcome obstacles?

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Julissa Mar 25 421 views

Are the people within the counseling field welcoming/friendly

Coming from a socially anxious person it is hard to socialize with new people.

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Julissa Mar 25 327 views

What skills can be used/ learned within the counseling field?

What are the most important skills

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Julissa Mar 25 287 views

What challenges can be encountered being a substance abuse counselor?

Junior in high-school interested in counseling