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Jason Patterson

Inspector, Welding SME, Coatings SME, Materials SME, Quality Management
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Downey, California
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Victor May 13 168 views

How to enter the Union Industry?

What is the best way to learn everything on the construction trade? How to manage the hours and wages of said job? Why are the benefits the best thing to look for in a job?

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ezekiel May 06 150 views

How did you learn to weld?

where did you learn all the skills to weld?

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RICHARD Lee Apr 12 605 views

What are certain details that I should know about 'Construction Managers'?

I have been trying to build my career, and I am considering being in debt to obtain a bachelor's Degree to achieve my goals. I want to be ambitious and associate to build amazing places instead of drains or roads. 1. what is the job like? 2. how did you get into the position? 3. what are the...

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Milan Mar 27 260 views

Newbie to welding, is there any advice for someone interested in advanced training?

Hello, I am a newly sprouted seedling in welding, and I am interested in potentially working on boilers or engines. Can anyone offer advice in regards to how I could learn the techniques for this line of work? I am studying at the Northlands Job Corps Center and intend to go into the welding...

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Aidan Mar 11 462 views

How can I become a better welder ?

I want to learn how to weld better.

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Braxton Mar 22 273 views

Where do welders work?

Where are some of the common places most welder work?