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RICHARD Lee Apr 22 559 views

What Should I know about Protective Services?

I am making a decision, and I can not decide if I have to be an Electrician Apprentice or learn with Protective Services. These two choices may seem good, but I do not know much about Protective Services. What should I know about Protective Services from a learning perspective, into a Career...

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RICHARD Lee Apr 17 701 views

What are the details about being an Electrical Apprentice?

I feel like when I google certain information, I do not know if it is accurate. I know nothing about apprenticeship details except for the fact that we learn in person.

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RICHARD Lee Apr 12 613 views

What are certain details that I should know about 'Construction Managers'?

I have been trying to build my career, and I am considering being in debt to obtain a bachelor's Degree to achieve my goals. I want to be ambitious and associate to build amazing places instead of drains or roads. 1. what is the job like? 2. how did you get into the position? 3. what are the...

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RICHARD Lee Apr 11 401 views

How much does your personality affect your Career?

On one personality test, I got 'Building 100', and, I got 'Artistic' (Creative) as my main personality. I also got:
1. Thinking: 48
2. Creating: 29
3. Helping: 25
4. Persuading: 57
5. Organizing: 39

1. Conventional:
2. Realistic:

How much do these tests affect you?

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RICHARD Lee Apr 11 439 views

What other "Branches" of the Electrical Career should I know?

I know there are powerlines and powerboxes, however, should there be other 'branches' of the electrical field that I should know about? Electrical with vehicles, or is that still part of the auto industry? Avionics have their seperate electrical field or don't?

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RICHARD Lee Apr 11 245 views

What are good resources outside of my Schooling?

I have been researching Electrical, Wastewater, and Construction Management on YouTube and Google, and I have not found good sources outside of schooling.