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Deepak Kumar

Software Engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Godspower Apr 07 347 views

Whatt are the features and functions of computers oftware? What are some extensive resources for further learning and research?

I'm in grade 11 and I really love computers so I want to be a computer programmer or software developer, or anything relating to a field in computer

I major in Maths, English, computer, etc.

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Apr 14 679 views

Aside from the high pay, what is the appeal of Computer Science?

I am a college student at Hofstra University. I'm a Computer Science major and am currently a college sophomore.

Fahmida Jannat’s Avatar
Fahmida Jannat Apr 15 886 views

Going down the right track ?

Hey there, I'm going to study electrical engineering at a top university abroad (t30) and plan to take a minor in applied AI in my second year. So for this, I have started working on Python, Java, and C++ (as I have already completed C back in high school) and plan to work on VHDL afterwards...

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Diego Feb 21 543 views

What do you do in computer science ?

What skills do you need to be good at computer sciences. What are the qualifications.

george’s Avatar
george Apr 18 707 views

how useful are computer skills?

how is the knowledge

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Katherine Apr 18 398 views

best course for 2024 ?

what is the best course can i take and learn new skills