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Libbie May 16, 2017 1677 views

What is a typical day like as a microbiologist working in health?

After my science fair project this year, relating to household bacteria, I've become drawn to the idea of studying microbiology. I'd like to know what being a microbiologist who tests samples for hospitals is like. Anything else you'd like to tell me about would be greatly appreciated as well!...

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Libbie Dec 15, 2016 793 views

If you work in an ER, could you still maintain a family or your relationships?

I know that most ER doctors have kind of weird hours, and that medical school takes a lot of time to get through, but I want to be able to consider having a family. I'm just looking for a little information about what that would look like because I'm interested in working in an ER. Would it be...

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Libbie Dec 12, 2016 839 views

Is medical school as hard as people make it out to be?

I would appreciate a professional of someone currently attending medical school to answer this question. I also would like to know what areas make it hard. I am thinking about choosing that career path but I'm a little hesitant about all the school one must take, as well as which areas make it...

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Libbie Dec 12, 2016 702 views

What kind of rewarding and/or traumatic experiences have you had as a policeman/woman or an individual in the medical field?

I would like to have some deeper insight on both careers to help me decide which one would be a better choice for me to work towards. I had my heart set on going into the medical field, but a few years ago a had an incident in which some police officers helped save my life. It has made deciding...