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You will absolutely be able to get over that issue. You likely have vasovagal syncope or presyncope, that response diminishes and eventually goes away with exposure. Many students have issues with this during their clinical rotations but get used to it due to the daily exposure. Don't let that...

Active Nov 29 '17 at 02:21 AM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

You will need to look at the prerequisites for the medical schools you want to apply to. Nearly all med schools require 2 semesters of biology, 2 semesters of chemistry, and 2 semesters of physics. Other common requirements include anatomy and physiology, calculus, and there may be others for...

Active Nov 29 '17 at 02:19 AM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

Any survivable injury may present to the emergency department, including strangulations, burns, amputations, impalements, lacerations, abrasions, thermal injuries, fractures, dislocations, eviscerations, blast injuries, chemical injuries, crush injuries, blunt trauma and penetrating trauma of...

Active May 31 '17 at 05:53 PM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

I finished medical school in 2013 but I don't think too much has changed about the experience since then. Everyone handles medical school differently but yes, it certainly is challenging for everyone. The volume of material is overwhelming and you have to dedicate almost all of your time to...

Active Jan 06 '17 at 03:16 PM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

My first thought is that you already have two options there. Trauma patients receive care from Emergency Medicine Physicians and Trauma Surgeons, which are completely different training pathways, lifestyles, and careers. If you are committed to becoming a doctor, maybe you should consider these...

Active Dec 28 '16 at 07:44 PM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

I think that you would get a different answer from everyone you asked. For me, I like the freedom to practice in an environment where insurance, etc, is not something I worry about, I like the high stakes environment and adrenaline rush, I like the variety of complaints and never knowing what...

Active Dec 28 '16 at 07:41 PM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.

Those are two separate career pathways, really. From my perspective, the things you need to think about are: 1) OR vs clinic: surgical techs typically work with surgeons on patients while ER PAs work with patients to diagnose and treat illness or injury 2) Amount of education: PA is a higher...

Active Dec 28 '16 at 07:38 PM
Posted by Douglas Romney’s Avatar Douglas R.
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