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Katherine Mar 02, 2017 5258 views

Is social media positive or negative influence? I need arguments for both sides please.

I need help for a career. #students #social-media

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Katherine Feb 27, 2017 1132 views

I need help!

what are some personality traits that help with becoming a lawyer? What are some helpful technical skills for becoming a lawyer. Thanks for al of the help! #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice #personal-development #career-details

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Katherine Feb 09, 2017 1330 views

What collage courses should i take to become a lawyer?

I am totally confused please help me! #lawyer

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Katherine Feb 06, 2017 841 views

What important details should I put in my cover letter for becoming a lawyer?

I have some many good qualities. So you can give me some of your reasons why someone hired you to go into that lawyer position. I need some help finding the right Ideas to put in it. #lawyer #lawyers

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Katherine Feb 06, 2017 1095 views

What degree is most helpful to become a lawyer?

I would like to have a professional comment, please. #lawyer

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Katherine Feb 02, 2017 1107 views

homicide detective

How long do you work? What kind of degree would you recommend the most for this kind of job? What kind of physical training do you need? How many years of collage? #law-enforcement #homicide-detective