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chadrack’s Avatar
chadrack May 16, 2020 739 views

When can start volunteering?

I am very great person believing that everything is possible if you put on mind into, i feel good when i help somebody and bring joy to people face .#Technology

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jan 16, 2018 531 views

If I take a Gap Year before college, is it better to apply & accept to a college but delay my start date?

If I take a Gap Year, I've heard that I can still apply to college and accept but tell them I'm going to delay my start once I'm accepted. Is this the best way to go.

#gap-year #college #college-prep #college-admissions

Teresa’s Avatar
Teresa Aug 22, 2018 427 views

What is the best website to apply for scholarships for free?

#free money

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jan 16, 2018 760 views

Is it worth it to take out a student loan?

I want to make sure that taking out a loan is a good idea. If I don't get a job right out of college, it will be hard to pay back any student loans, and I'm not guaranteed a job out of college. Is it a good idea to take out a student loan, or should I try to find a less costly option of getting...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Aug 29, 2018 388 views

Are there negative repurcussions for your career if you take a gap year?

Are there any long term negative consequences from delaying college for a year after graduation? #gap-year

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Aug 08, 2017 2351 views

Is it time for me to get a part time job?

My name is Briana and I'll be starting my second year at my community college this upcoming fall semester. I'll be taking thirteen units and my parents have been recently pushing me to apply for a job with nods to "we're hiring" signs. I understand with my age I should be working, but I'm not...