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Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany May 18, 2016 1115 views

What should you major in if you plan on going into Law?

I want to be a lawyer but am not sure what to major in first. #lawyer

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 15, 2016 1041 views

What do international development majors do after college?

I do not know what to major in but am interested in international development. #international #undecided #international-affairs #college #career #career-counseling

angel’s Avatar
angel May 17, 2016 977 views

Are there any jobs I can do for paleontology that aren't teaching positions?

Are the only things available professor positions that are sponsored by colleges to go dig up bones? #college #university-teaching #archeology #paleontology #education #career #career-counseling #science

Sheyenne’s Avatar
Sheyenne May 26, 2016 1813 views

How do you start a modern art gallery?

I am interested in owning an art gallery. What steps can I take to achieve this? #art #museum #gallery

Martina’s Avatar
Martina Oct 22, 2016 871 views

Given that they are used in a constructive manner, how much does having social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc...) improve your chances of receiving scholarships?

I have been applying for the scholarships that students qualify for in their junior year of high school, and many of them ask you to post statements to your social media to improve your chances of receiving the scholarship. I do not have social media accounts and was wondering if making these...

Destiny ’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 09, 2017 3189 views

Who inspired you to become a lawyer?

My mom inspires me,I would like to know who inspired you #lawyer