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Beatrice T. May 19, 2016 619 views
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Aisha R. May 22, 2016 469 views

Is a Humanities Transfer program or a Social Science Transfer program good for a Psychology major?

I'm going to a two-year college then transfer to a 4 year college and I want to know which transfer programs would be a perfect match. #psychology #college-transfer #college...


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Calvin K. Jun 21, 2016 1069 views

How useful is psychology in marketing?

I've interested in taking both marketing and psychology classes, so I'm wondering if the two complement each other. #psychology...


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Phoebe H. Oct 12, 2017 442 views

What are possible careers for a person who majored in Behavioral Neuroscience?

I am interested in how the brain works, and specifically why it causes people to act the way they do. I want to work with people with special needs, but wonder if this is a plausible career. I am also interested in research, maybe also related to special needs. #neuroscience...

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