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Raffinée Wilson, M.S., LPC’s Avatar

Raffinée Wilson, M.S., LPC

Providing mental health counseling to adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, esteem concerns, and communication issues.
Dallas, Texas
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Faith’s Avatar
Faith Mar 01 192 views

Pre college help?

What are some advice or tips on colleges specifically psychology/therapist degree? What colleges do you recommend towards the western US? (that offer financial aid)

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Mar 28, 2022 528 views

What inspired you to become a good counselor also how much do you get paid for doing your job?

Counselling is something that i thought of doing but never really thought about taking it as a career job. Can you tell me when first started off as a counselor was u nervous about it ?

Ina’s Avatar
Ina Mar 15, 2021 418 views

Is there any other jobs similar to social work?

#social-work #career

willa’s Avatar
willa Oct 23, 2020 378 views

Can you describe your everyday life as a therapist?

I would like to know the everyday steps you take to be a good therapist. #therapist #therapy

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Mar 17, 2021 221 views

How long did it take for you to realize you wanted to pursue this job and do it until you wanted to retire?

I’m a senior in high school and I play sports #high-school

hakeem’s Avatar
hakeem Mar 17, 2021 796 views

How to stop procrastinating

#mentalhealth #homework #you matter

kailey’s Avatar
kailey Mar 15, 2021 358 views

What do you consider to be the most important traits for a therapist to have?