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Academic Advisor at The University of Connecticut
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Jakayla Aug 09, 2018 640 views

How would you describe your life after you graduated from college?

#collegegraduate #worklife

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Anna Aug 11, 2018 625 views

If I am able, would it be beneficial to me if I started a new club at my school?

I've considered starting a new club at my school, but I don't know if it'll be worth it. I have a very busy schedule and most of the students at my school don't join clubs or take them seriously. I don't want to waste my time if it's not going to be worthwhile. #club #extracurricular...

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Lilly Aug 14, 2018 635 views

What colleges have good Gender & Sexuality Studies programs?

I'm still in the midst of my college search, and wondering if anybody has any suggestions for my intended major. #collegesearch #majors

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Gabriel Jan 21, 2018 507 views

Whats better- double majoring or getting a major and a minor

I'm going into the computer science major but I was wondering if it would be smart to take up a second major or to just get a minor in another interest. I know taking on a second major means a lot more workload but it also looks a lot better to employers. Just wondering what the smartest...

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Winifred Aug 10, 2018 604 views

How long after graduating college did it take to land your dream job?


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Joseph Jan 19, 2018 1006 views

Whether it is best for a student to focus on completing their education during their summers away from school or to focus on working and providing income?

It has been my dream to pursue a graduate education in the liberal arts for the purpose of teaching at the university level, in order to contribute in enlightening and sharpening the minds of future generations. To accomplish this goal, I am currently a graduate student seeking a doctoral...