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Axel L.’s Avatar
Axel L. Feb 28, 2019 465 views

How can I decide on what I want to major in for sure?

I want to go into business. I'm a people person. I eventually want to build, rent and sell properties. I would like to work with technology as well. business business-management...


Morrow M.’s Avatar
Morrow M. Mar 01, 2019 224 views

What should I do going into college?

I'm a decent all-round student for my core classes where I will do 1 AP class for all 4 which include English, Social Studies, Math and Science by graduation. I have not done an AP test yet to know what I am good or bad at and I have no clue if it is a good idea to base this decision off these...

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J F.’s Avatar
J F. Mar 05, 2019 464 views

How should I prepare for interviews?

I've heard that books such as Cracking the Coding Interview are good prep for tech interviews as well as solving problems on Hackerrank and Leetcode. Are these helpful, and are there any other ways I can prepare...

Guanlong F.’s Avatar
Guanlong F. Apr 01, 2019 262 views

How to do networking?

How to do networking especially when you do not know anybody in a new place if you really find a job in that place?...