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Jordan M. Sep 02, 2016 591 views

How do I know what major to select?

Throughout the early stages of my college career, I was unsure of what I wanted "to be when I grew up." With so many choices, I understand many other students are wondering the same thing. I wanted to expand the clarity from other individuals on what newly applied students should do in this...

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Avika A. Mar 15, 2018 453 views

What are the hardest parts of learning to code?

I am going to be majoring in computer science so I want to know and start preparing. #computer-science...


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Anina H. Dec 08, 2018 478 views

How do I make an impression at my future summer internship?

I’m a junior in college doing a software engineering internship in the upcoming summer. Someone advised me that I should make sure to get great references from this internship. What’s the best way to do that? Should I excel at work? Should I be more friendly? Is there some strategy or practice...

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corey C. Apr 10, 2019 1289 views