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jonathan G. Jun 22, 2016 497 views
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Caleb Q. Apr 12, 2017 864 views

How does one decide upon an interest?

When it comes to careers, I generally want to choose a career that interests me. However, I haven't been able to narrow my interests down to a point where I can choose a career path that interests me. Some of my interests include: Biology, Technology, Music, Programming, Psychology, Philosophy,...

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Gissely R. Apr 25, 2018 321 views

Can you waive an enrollment fee and who would I contact?

I am a student who is going to an out of state university and my expected family contribution is $0. I am committed to going to this college, but if I could waive some fees such as enrollments, housing application, orientation that would relieve some of the financial burden #college...

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