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Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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francessca May 03, 2019 502 views

What career fits me best if i'm good at biology?

#medicine #biology

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Faith Jan 16, 2018 1595 views

Does it matter which college you go to?

I'm asking because I was accepted into my dream college but it is over $50,000 and I cannot afford that. I want to find somewhere cheaper, but I also want to try and make it into this school because I fell in love with it and it has a good accounting program. To simplify this, does it matter...

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Katelynn May 07, 2019 734 views

What profession should I go into; business management or the medical field?

All my life I have been set on the medical field. I always wanted to know how exactly the body works and I want to be able to be given a situation and say something as simple as "Well let's check for appendicitis," and be right about it. I want to be able to connect with children and solve...

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Spurthi Apr 21, 2019 3465 views

Can i take up my career in Badminton as i am 19 years old now


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Jason May 03, 2019 531 views

When it comes to being an Architect, is there any travelling involved? If so, do these assignments tend to pay more?

#Design #Building #Architect

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Jason May 03, 2019 502 views

What does an Architects day consist of?

#Design #building #Architect

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Alex May 01, 2019 419 views

How many years of Schooling to be a gamer