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Kim Hickey

Technical pre-sales manager
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Boston, Massachusetts
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bryce Dec 02, 2021 582 views

what are some college tips for highschoolers?

what advice could you give to people who are still in high #college #help school about their college future

Junxi’s Avatar
Junxi Dec 02, 2021 851 views

Is college even for me? What type of things can I apply for that is not college?

#college #college-selection #graduate #college-bound #college-advice

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Oct 05, 2021 509 views

what is the best method to find good career that is involved with anything that is related to technology and creating something new.

About to go to college for a good major that involves with technology #computer-software #computer #engineering #major

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Ian Mar 05, 2019 682 views

How will new technology affect diversity in the workplace? #tech

Tech Week Scholarship


Eldon’s Avatar
Eldon Mar 09, 2019 762 views

What career paths are there in the tech industry?

The tech industry is ever going day by day. What are the different possible career paths one can follow? #tech