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John R Smith Jr ¦ Facility Management

HVAC Instructor
Construction and Extraction Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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christopher’s Avatar
christopher Aug 31, 2021 500 views

if i get injured will there be any companies that will offer benefits in the united states

im looking for a good company to work with. #hvac #business

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Apr 26, 2021 532 views

What in your opinion is the worst thing about doing HVAC?

#hvac #tradesman

Denise’s Avatar
Denise Jun 18, 2020 706 views

Does working as an mechanical engineer get you free insurance?

#mechanical-engineering #engineering

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 02, 2020 606 views

what credentials do i need to become an HVAC technician?

#technology #HVAC

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 20, 2019 509 views

How much does an apprentice make at entry level?

I'm going into Electrical and I want to know how much an entry level job would pay? I know you should always know your worth but what is a good starting pay? #electrician #money #startingpay #finance

JACOB’s Avatar
JACOB Feb 05, 2020 687 views

What are common H-VAC entry-level jobs?

#technology #HVAC

Gabe’s Avatar
Gabe Mar 13, 2020 636 views

How much do ac technicals make a year

Hi my name is Gabe I am a student at leto High school #school #student #trade-school #HVAC

Pauline’s Avatar
Pauline Feb 07, 2020 632 views

what is the best place for heating and air conditioning business

#engineering #job #business #HVAC

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Mar 02, 2020 524 views

It is good technical HVAC payment?

#student #business #HVAC #heating

KAREN’s Avatar
KAREN Mar 21, 2020 1366 views

How to brighten up my CV?

A girl that needs some inspiration #tech #resume