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Allison H. Oct 30, 2016 871 views

What is a good way to find out as to which engineering pathway I want to go into?

I am a high school student, and I tend to do well in math and science classes. I enjoy them as well, so I am considering going to college for an engineering degree, but there are so many types of engineering! What is a good way to get exposure to many of the different pathways so that I have a...

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Allison H. Oct 30, 2016 5637 views

What are the most difficult classes that engineering students are required to take?

I hear that the required classes for an engineering degree are rigorous. I have a calculus class right now, and I am doing fine, but how much harder are the classes in college compared to high school? And, what advice should I take with me prior to going to college in order to pursue an...

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Britney Y. Nov 15, 2017 990 views

Introverts in Engineering?

I'm curious about whether which engineering majors require more presenting and talking to large groups in both college/university and the real world. I just heard that mechanical has a lot of presenting ideas and would like to know about the other engineering majors. #engineering...

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Jenny L. Apr 20, 2020 368 views

How can I be more confident?

I am majoring in architecture for college and I know that there will be many presentations that I will be giving. I am naturally a shy person but I still know exactly what I'm doing. However, when I am presenting I start forgetting what I have to say. #architecture...


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Jared H. Apr 22, 2020 172 views

What are the requirements for a career in engineering?

I have been passionate in engineering, but I am looking for help because I am not sure what I should be looking to do in high school or college. #engineering #college...