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Spring Creek, Nevada

Within 40 mile radius
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Rebekah Aug 13, 2023 550 views

What is the social and physical environment of University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, USA ?

After getting some previous advice on here about majors and classes and what colleges offer them, I cross-referenced with a list of colleges that have reached out to me with interest and the University of Minnesota stood out to me. I’m wondering about the environment there and how current...

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Rebekah Aug 12, 2023 651 views

What classes/majors/minors does one take in order to get a job as an entomologist and what colleges often offer these classes??

I'm going to be a junior this year and I'm looking into colleges and majors and something I've been interested in my whole life is insects and I'd really like to pursue a career in this field but I've not been able to find a lot of information on how to do that.

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Bea Aug 07, 2023 280 views



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Faith Mar 01, 2023 340 views

Pre college help?

What are some advice or tips on colleges specifically psychology/therapist degree? What colleges do you recommend towards the western US? (that offer financial aid)

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Eva May 17, 2016 1330 views

What type of things do Graphic Designers do?

I love the arts, and I think this would be one of the best career paths for me, but I'm not exactly sure what Graphic Designers do. I had the opportunity to be shown the studio of a graphic designer who mostly did cartoon characters, but I know there are different kinds of Graphic Designers, I...

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Eva May 17, 2016 866 views

How do writers begin their career?

I love to write, and am considering going into creative writing, but I don't know exactly how to start a career in that. Do you just write a story and hope it gets published? Or could you team up with a publishing company to start? #writer #english-composition

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