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Madura Potdar

network consultant engineer
Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Sanjay Oct 11, 2017 802 views

Is chemistry heavily required for energy engineering?

I'm planning on taking up energy engineering after my year 12 and I was wondering if chemistry played a big role in energy engineering
#energy-engineering #chemistry #engineering #energy

Victwhon’s Avatar
Victwhon Jul 01, 2020 589 views

How can you become a better engineer?

I am a high school student.
I want to go to a divisional 1 college when I graduate from High School. #engineer #engineering #high-school #college #graduate-school

Rainer’s Avatar
Rainer Apr 24, 2020 907 views

Will mechanical engineers need to learn coding ?

Should I learn machine learning, or image processing or embedded system or any #computer #engineering #technology #engineer other related electronic and computer science related field?

Aleena’s Avatar
Aleena Jun 30, 2020 1079 views

There seems to be a lot of hype around learning how to code. Yes, it is an expanding and well-paid field, but it is truly worth learning if you are passionate about business? Is it really meant for everyone?

#tech #computer-science #technology #business #entrepreneur #marketing