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stan’s Avatar
stan Dec 21, 2019 662 views

I have no idea what I want to do

i work at walmart and i need more money but walmart is already paying me 11$ an hour #money

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 17, 2019 295 views

Can i make money off Playing Videogames

I want to make fast and i see that 13 years old are making more money than my parents #money

Aye Marie’s Avatar
Aye Marie May 22, 2016 637 views

I've got a merit based scholarship from my university but didn't receive as much in funds as I needed, is there a way to negotiate with the university for more?

It might sound greedy but I'm so blessed to have been offered a place at the school in the first place so I don't want to have to decline the offer just because money is low at the moment. Also, I'm international so a lot of the other ways to fund my education are limited (i.e- I can't apply...

Ruby’s Avatar
Ruby Jul 19, 2020 349 views

What should I do to get a scholarship that will cover my full tuition?#JULY 2020

#admissions #money

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Jun 18, 2016 1535 views

What are some ways I can make political connections while in highschool?

I am planning on attending college to major in political science before attending law school. Eventually, I plan on going on to run for a governmental position. I would like to get involved now with my local government and am part of a YMCA program that helps with that, but what else can I do...

Hans’s Avatar
Hans May 28, 2016 724 views

Can the goverment help me pay my career if I cant afford to pay it because my father passed away some months ago?

I want to study a major in Political Science, but my father passed away some months ago which was debastating for my family's economy. My mother's job is not well payed and I also have two younger brothers. I am a US Citizen, and so are my brothers, but my mom isn't and my dad wasn't one. I am...

Ashleyn’s Avatar
Ashleyn Aug 05, 2019 492 views

What value does the job look for in a person they are hiring?

I am a student at job crops, getting my training for Protective Services. I'm interested in joining the boarder patrol or the FBI, and would like to get some information from people who have experience with it.
#career #government #law

Jonathan U’s Avatar
Jonathan U Oct 25, 2019 753 views

If you could do it all over again, would your choose the same path for yourself? If not What would you changer what kinds of decisions do you make?

#career-choice #career-path

Bobbie’s Avatar
Bobbie Mar 04, 2019 728 views

How do I choose a career?


Emilie’s Avatar
Emilie Jul 18, 2020 473 views

Do you recommend taking a gap year?

Although I do want to go to college and get a degree, I have seen many articles where people have taken a gap year to fix their health or to raise enough money for college and I was wondering if I should plan to do the same.
#career-choice #career-path #JULY20 #gapyear #break