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Alexandra Weigand (she/her)

PhD student
Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology
San Diego, CA
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Lauren Z.’s Avatar
Lauren Z. Lauren Z. Jul 19, 2020 174 views

I want to apply mental health related PhD , and what experiences are good for application?

My undergraduate major is Nursing, and minor Psychology. Then I got a master degree in Neuroscience. Now I want to apply PhD in mental health related major, like social work, clinical psychology, public health or mental health nursing. Do you have any suggestion for me? for example, how to...

#public-health #mental-health #july20

Esther L.’s Avatar
Esther L. Esther L. Jul 20, 2020 215 views

How influential is your dissertation or degree emphasis on your career employment?

I am about to start a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Everyone is telling me that an emphasis and dissertation focus on military veterans, can lead to a better practicum and internship placement with the VA, which apparently is on the higher earning spectrum in terms of clinical...

#psychology #july20 #dissertation #doctorate #doctoral #career #degree #clinicalpsychology #employmet

Madelyn M.’s Avatar
Madelyn M. Madelyn M. Aug 28, 2020 170 views

What are some possibly careers related to psychology or psychology and racism?

I would like to do something is psychology maybe but i do not want to be a psychiatrist. Are there any suggestions possibly related to psychology with racial awareness? #psychology #career...