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Anna Jul 16, 2020 515 views

How do you go through with an informational interview?

I have seen advice on Linkedin that in order to land a job, we need to network with people from our desired company by doing an informational interview. What kinds of questions do I need to ask during it?

#interviews #interview-preparation #interview-questions

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 31, 2021 449 views

What is one of the most important things in a job interview?

#job-search #interviews #job-application #job

Jo’lisa’s Avatar
Jo’lisa Aug 05, 2021 215 views

What’s the best career that involves talking and giving advice to help people

I want to get into talking out more and I also want to help people more is there a career for that? #career

Dejah’s Avatar
Dejah Sep 17, 2021 233 views

What made you decide this career fit you?

#Fashiondesigner #Purpose #career

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Sep 12, 2020 749 views

How to do well in an internship for the offer to convert to a full-time role?


I'm a recent graduate that landed a 6 month trainee/internship programme with the possibility to convert to a full time role following it.

Do you have any tips on how I can stand out to make this possible?
#internships #internship #jobs

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Mar 16, 2020 515 views

Should I still search for a summer internship during #COVID19?

I am a college sophomore who was home for spring break when #COVID19 hit. Now I'm at home doing classes online. I had started looking for a summer internship, but I heard that people may be losing their jobs because of the virus. Are companies still trying #internship to hire interns, or...

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Nov 05, 2020 281 views

How did you Figure out what you wanted to do

I really have no idea what i wanna do with your life or even go to school I #career-path #school #life #career have absolutely no idea what to do or even better what in your life showed you what you what you wanted to do as a career.

Eve’s Avatar
Eve Jun 24, 2020 739 views

What career paths does Psychology take you?

I'm a college sophomore that majors in Psychology and I would like to know if I'm making the right decision. #psychology #college-major #career-choice

Kaila’s Avatar
Kaila May 24, 2018 932 views

How can a young college student make connections?

#college-student #student #students #student-development #student-development #students #college-student

Devan’s Avatar
Devan Nov 05, 2020 328 views

I am in the 10th grade and I am wondering how can I chose the right career for me?

In school I am most interested in history and business. My hobbies include cooking and playing video games. I have been thinking about my future career for a while now but I can’t decide how to pick a career I would enjoy. #career