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David Jan 24, 2018 1036 views

How do I know when i'm making the right college and career decisions?

What are the signs and or characteristics of good decisions?
#decisions #decision-making #college-decisions #life-decisions #career-decisions #career-choice #college-choice #life-choice

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 21, 2021 493 views

What are some good tips if you are planning to become a psychologist?

I am a student who loves to help others but I feel like I should be doing more. I am willing to sit down and talk to friends whenever they need someone to talk to about their problems. #psychologist #student

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Apr 22, 2021 398 views

How to enjoy a job

Working hard #job

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 22, 2021 725 views

Should you take a part time job while attending College?

I'm planning to take a part-time job in the summer but I'm wondering if I should continue to work during the first semester of collge. #first-job #employment

Hossam’s Avatar
Hossam Apr 20, 2021 745 views

How to have a work life balance?

I am a partner working in same career for the past 19 years in Kuwait. so i am already exhausted.
I am looking forward to change my work style and have a life balance. #work

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Oct 31, 2016 2425 views

What are the best companies to target when starting a mechanical engineering career?

I would like to know the best companies to work for to get the best on the job experience as a mechanical engineer. #mechanical-engineering