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Law Enforcement
Baltimore, Maryland
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Edwin Jan 26 75 views

How can I talk with a local police dept. because I'm 14 and when I get older I want to be a police or Sherriff and how will my day as a police or sheriff thank you for the help ?

I really like police/Sherrifs since i was little i watch videos on police and i just thought it was so fun so when i get older i want to be a police!!!

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Terrence Aug 13, 2019 530 views

do you have to go to college to become a sheriff?

I have always wanted to be a police officer, fire man or a sheriff science I was a kid. #law-enforcement #police #

jaquan’s Avatar
jaquan Dec 14, 2021 217 views

What are the future trends for this field?

I was asking this because i want to become an police officer #police #law-enforcement

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 22, 2021 229 views

How many years of school does a law enforcement officer have to go through?

I was wondering how many years of schooling does a law enforcement officer need?

#law-enforcement #police

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 10, 2021 316 views

How would you describe a "typical" workday?

#police #law-enforcement #police-officer

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Daniel Oct 21, 2021 221 views

Best Route to Become a Correctional Officer or Sheriff

As my senior year in high school is coming to an end, I have decided that I want to graduate early and get started on my college basic classes (general classes like math, English, electives, etc..) I have decided that I would like to go to Csun and major into Criminology and Justice but sadly I...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 31, 2021 303 views

What are the main responsibilities of a First Line Supervisor?

I am a student looking into being a Police Officer #law-enforcement

Chassity’s Avatar
Chassity Jun 24, 2021 351 views

What are some more specific fields that I can do becoming a K9 police officer?

I am a hard-working dedicated student that enjoys the world of Criminal Justice. I always loved learning about crime and how I can use my critical thinking to help solve different crimes. I enjoy learning about detective work alongside pursuing a career related to becoming a K9 police officer....

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 20, 2018 827 views

Would it be good to major in criminal justice and minor in psychology if I want to be a state trooper?

I would like to be a state trooper in the future and I would like to know if those too fields would help me succeed #criminal-justice #psycology