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Human Resources Site Lead at Dell. Expertise in Human Resources, Ethics and Employee Relations.
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Uma Apr 19, 2017 1994 views

career advice request

Age:52, worked in IT Network/Security field for the last 12+ years. have no #degree; completed Cisco Certification when I was new to this field. do not have desire to work continue working as tech support. last few years, I have been debating with myself if I should finish my 3year...

Lliana’s Avatar
Lliana Apr 13, 2017 1196 views

What kind of jobs can you get with an Information Science major and Studio Arts minor?

I'm in college and my major is currently undecided, but I'm interested in getting an IS major and SA minor. #computer #art #information-technology #artist #digital-art #information-systems #information-design #undecided

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jan 24, 2017 1467 views

What are good ways for a recent graduate to make up for lack of experience when trying to get their first job in computer programming?

I will be graduating soon, and due to personal circumstances and the local economy, I've been unable to get an internship. I worry that this will prevent me from getting a good job when I graduate. How can I make up for this lack of experience on my resume? #computer-software #software...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jan 27, 2017 1288 views

Should I list work experience from before college that doesn't apply to my chosen career field when applying for my first job in my chosen field?

I have years of experience in assorted fields before I went to college. I am graduating soon, and want to get a job in programming. I have no technology field experience outside of coursework. Should I list my other experience on my resume, or just start fresh with college? #programming...

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Oct 19, 2016 1070 views

What technology jobs would stand out for an entry-level position?

I'm looking into getting a bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems. I have seen that Help Desk is an entry-level job but I've seen people start of as a systems administrator after getting a degree. So I would like better clarification on what kind of entry level jobs I should be looking...

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Oct 19, 2016 949 views

Should I begin looking into technology certificates before college?

I'm a high school student who is currently looking at a Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. I want to make the most out of the summer break I have next year so I can get myself prepared before going into the university. #information-technology