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Georgina Kurkul M.S., CRC

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Community and Social Service Occupations
Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Apr 29, 2023 381 views

What is that hardest part about finding a job after college? Do you have job opportunities right away or does it take a while? What’s the best way to get a job faster?

I’m looking to become a biomedical or electrical engineer

mireya’s Avatar
mireya Mar 02, 2023 552 views

What are some challenges as being a registered nurse ?

I was wondering about some of the challenges as a newly graduate.

amanda’s Avatar
amanda May 16, 2022 850 views

How do i become a Speech Language Pathologists?

What type of college comes with this career? What type of company advancements should i look for? What degree should I earn to be most qualified for speech pathology? Is there an online course for this field?

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Jun 01, 2022 694 views

How to approach finding engineering work after ten years of only being hired for low-skill jobs?

Received master's degree in engineering ten years ago with excellent grades but I have never had a chance to work in the field. I've had to accept zero-education or associate's degree level work just to have any income at all, and I've worked two associates-level jobs for the past six years. I...

kristopher’s Avatar
kristopher May 04, 2022 450 views

Is staying fit or in shape important working as a construction worker?

Is there alot of heavy lifting and moving going on?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Jan 28, 2022 425 views

What was one of the things you had to let go of in order to fulfill your career goals?

I am just interested in what hobbies or things you had to stop doing in order to fulfill your goals. Did any of these hobbies hinder your ability to do your job? #job #career #job

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Nov 22, 2021 476 views

Career tasking can vary, what is the best time to schedule an interview?

Outgoing and focused on career ethics when on board. #career

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Nov 01, 2021 437 views

Is it hard being mechanic?

Like do you have to be physically fit to do the job? #career #engineering

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Sep 28, 2021 387 views

What job did you want when you were younger


Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Sep 28, 2021 523 views

How many hours average do you work in a construction job.

#job #construction #career

manuel’s Avatar
manuel Oct 11, 2021 377 views

what is interesting in the automotive field?

i'm job corp student #job-search #job #job