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Dave Petrelius

Senior Producer at Wipe Out Productions
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Jessie Mar 09, 2016 1068 views

Can I create for a living, and could it be a feasible goal?

Throughout my recent teenage years, I've been enthused by many to choose a career that I could live off of. I wanted to create for a living. Wherever I go and tell any higher-ups, they ask, "What would you like to create?" I've never wanted to build things with my bear hands, nor have I been...

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 09, 2017 1284 views

How to manage time?

I currently studying Motion Picture Arts and I barely get to sleep because of my homework, I also daily vlog (it's like a video diary) and I also do weekly videos on youtube, I'm very invested in everything I do, but I don't get much free time. My sister tells me to stop at least daily...

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 09, 2017 1509 views

What languages should I learn next?

I'm aware that knowing more than one language can get you unique opportunities, my mother language is Portuguese and I also speak English. I was wondering what language should I learn now. I thought about French since I'm living in Canada, but German is another language that people say it's...

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa May 09, 2016 1319 views

Did college help you become a better writer?

Hi, I am an aspiring writer and I am taking college-course writing classes and I am wondering if, as a writing, your college literature and writing courses benefited you any. And if so, which benefited you more: the study and analysis of literature, or the enhancing of your writing skills in...

Monique’s Avatar
Monique May 09, 2016 1108 views

What would I need to do to learn how to edit and create my own beats?

I want to become a musician or producer and just want to know how I get there. There's nothing really else to know about me. #music #music-production #producer #sound-editing