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Taylor Nguyen

Sales Manager
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
London, England, United Kingdom
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Donovan Jul 04, 2022 878 views

How should I go about connecting with people in my field?

Hello, I am a student enrolled in Cascades Job Corps, studying a trade in IT. I plan on going into the software-dev field, and I'm looking for advice on how to connect with others that have been through similar career paths. Thank you!

John’s Avatar
John Apr 26, 2022 517 views

I am interested in this job and I have 5 questions what is the base salary and cap salary of a sales manager? how long does the average person study this field be for getting a job. how does a day in the life of a sales manager start like and end. how many hours a day are you usually working. do you get vacation time.

I am interested in this job and would like to get the feel of what its is before I commit to it

cooper’s Avatar
cooper May 04, 2022 797 views

What is the average salary of a sales manager.

I am interested because of a project I'm doing.