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Light Jul 14 222 views

What level of education should you have if you want to be a professional athlete?

If I want to become a professional soccer player, do I have to of had a really good education, or is it more about the skills you have as an athlete?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Apr 06, 2018 492 views

Do you have to go through Q School to get to the PGA?

I am wondering if you can just go straight from college or not.#golf #athletics

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Somaiya Jul 01, 2021 687 views

Financial advice for current 18 year olds. How should we begin to accrue our wealth?

Hello, I am turning 18 this year and I am thinking of ways to be more financially independent. Moreso what steps I should be taking at this age to build and compound my wealth for the future. Let me know! #finance #money

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Dorcas May 05, 2016 714 views

What are the best schools in Texas?

I don't really want to leave Texas so I want to make sure I go to the best one. #college #college-choice

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Linh Dec 06, 2021 273 views

How many hours do people in finance usually work daily?

As a student who's aspiring to be in the finance world, I want to know how people's life is shaped daily in their financing career. #business #finance #career #lifestyle

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Abe Aug 23 269 views

What is the biggest electrical company on U.S?

What current electrical company do you get your power from?

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Dey'ja May 07, 2021 563 views

How do you become a police officer ?

I'm a natural leader, I am results-oriented, I am an excellent communicator. #anyone #investment-banking