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Colin Mar 10, 2022 963 views

What is the most common thing Financial advisors do?

#financial-aid #college #accounting #money #finance

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ryan May 09, 2016 1867 views

How hard is it to get a marketing job straight out of college

I want to major in business and I want to know how tough it will be for me to enter the work force. #business

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 25, 2018 528 views

How relevant is where you have gone to college, after your first job?

#first-job Considering IVY.

hunter’s Avatar
hunter Aug 11, 2021 727 views

how much does a cop make

i am in job corps #career #business

Staci’s Avatar
Staci Jan 16, 2018 449 views

Being home-schooled, will I have a hard time transitioning to college?

I've been home-school since the 7th grade because my family travels a lot. I'm worried that I will have problems transitioning because I haven't been in a classroom setting since the 6th grade. #college #future #life-transitions

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Sep 27, 2022 630 views

What's the hardest thing about being an accountant?

I am currently a junior in high school, and I'm considering majoring in business in the future. I'd like to know more about accounting as a career.

Dawit’s Avatar
Dawit Sep 27, 2022 254 views

Highschool jobs?

When is it a good time to get your first job? is getting a job during highschool a good idea?

yuyan’s Avatar
yuyan Sep 27, 2022 352 views

Difference between economic and business

What's the difference between economic and business major?