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Daniel Nov 08, 2022 311 views

Business is a major with several different branches how do I know what I am best fit for?

Picking a college major?

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Olivia Mar 06, 2020 804 views

Where can an introverted student gain leadership experience?

#volunteer #networking #leadership #internship #introverts

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Dominique Mar 26, 2014 1213 views

How to determine what career you should choose?

When determining what career to invest which should you focus more into the compensation of the job or the amount of hours you will have to fulfill? #career #compensation #requirements

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montessa Feb 24, 2017 1236 views

What is the HRIS software program?

I am asking because I'm currently in school for an associate's degree in Human Resources. I have not come across this software program at all during my schooling. I'm wondering what it is, the functions of the software program, and are there any classes to take in order to use the program? I've...