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Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Oct 25, 2022 559 views

What are the key basics to computer engineering?

I know computer engineering does include more than computers but I have built a computer in the past.

Are we getting in depth of what certain parts do(motherboard, cpu, RAM, etc) and how to build them?

David’s Avatar
David Oct 24, 2022 1020 views

What coding languages do I need to know for a career in software engineering or video game designing?

I'm interested in a career around tech.

jiali’s Avatar
jiali Oct 27, 2022 298 views

Question for future?

How am I able to have time to spent with my family and get a well paid.

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Oct 28, 2022 587 views

Courses to take for astronautical engineering ?

What specific courses should I prioritize during high school if I intend to become an astronautical engineer?

What electives could I apply in that would aid me for this careerpath?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 25, 2022 384 views

What is a good thing to have on your resume if you want to be a game designer?

what jobs or levels of education would be reccomended.