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Damaris’s Avatar
Damaris May 11, 2016 1172 views

i dont own a computer at home. how can i practice programming and coding that wont cost too much for my parents?

i am learning how to code at the boys and girls club and would like to do it more in my free time. #programming #tech #coding

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 11, 2016 1205 views

if i get a degree in computer programming, will it be difficult to find a job?

i really like programming but everyone says that ill never find a job, is that true? #jobs #school #programming #coding

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan May 11, 2016 885 views

What highschool to go to

Because I don't know the best high school that can teach me this. #programmer

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan May 12, 2016 2552 views

How can I learn how to program?

Because I don't know how to program yet but want to learn. #programming

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa May 11, 2016 1330 views

Are there any programs I can sign up for that will help me ?

I'd like to program and design my own video games #computer-software #technology #computer-engineer #3d-graphics