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Omaha, Nebraska
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Yariel Nov 02, 2022 275 views


How much impact could procrastination have on your mental health or how could it help me get out of bad habits?

David’s Avatar
David Dec 07, 2022 202 views

To all lawyers i have a question?

can you guys tell me how to prepare my self for this job or how you lawyers prepared for this job ?

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camila Dec 04, 2022 339 views

What education and training helped prepare you for this job?

questions for lawyers

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Briannah Nov 28, 2022 282 views

What should i change or add to my resume if needed? For a high school student? (Yes i included my number, email, and address)

Paterson, NJ 07524
Briannah C

Time management. Organization skills. Problem solving abilities. Collaboration talent. Emotional intelligence. Social media.
Paterson P-Tech, 201 Memorial Drive


English, Spanish.


Perfect Attendance, Advance Placement Class

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Karlin Nov 29, 2022 247 views

What can I do to land a job that I enjoy after college?

I think something that I can do is to work on myself as much as possible when studying. I believe that the more I do something the better I get, and anything that I do productively can only help me in the future.

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Nov 28, 2022 465 views

My Resume?

what are some changes that I could make to my resume that will help me out.