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Matthew Noyes

Criminal Forensic Investigator
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Emily May 25 133 views

Forensics Science Related?

What classes do I need or should take in high school to become a forensics scientist? Or what are the recommended classes?

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grey May 26 186 views

What's it like as a student in criminal justice?

Hi, my name is Grey and I'm in 11th grade going into 12th grade. I want to major in criminal justice, I just want a better understanding of what criminal justice is just so I know what's involved with it.

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Nayeli May 28 172 views

How much do forensic scientists make?

How much do forensic scientists make?

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paige Dec 09, 2022 341 views

What kind of specific jobs can you have relating to crime scene investigations and what kind of degrees do you need for the jobs?

I would like to be able to have a job in crime scene investigations but i'm not sure what to major in, in college or what different jobs there are for me to possibly have in the future.

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Zainab Dec 09, 2022 226 views

When does the credential process start for CSI?

and what does that look like for CSI work ?

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Diego Dec 13, 2022 411 views

Police Officer?

What type of person makes a good police officer?

What are the main responsibilities of a police officer?

What skills should a police officer have?

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Alan Dec 14, 2022 655 views

What are your main responsibilities as a forensic scientist?

What kinds of problems do you deal with? What do you like least about your work