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Kadiatou Mar 29 325 views

How to have knowledge in blockchain and web 3.0?

I didn't see any colleges offering a major boarding this subject, and it's an industry I would really love to work in. I learned everything I know about this field through Youtube and Google and am planning to try some internships to have some work experience in this field. Is there any...

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Yaritza Mar 21 250 views

How is the typical day off being a software engineer ?

What are the struggles software engineers go through?

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Cody Feb 07 1032 views

What is your opinion on the advancement of technology when it comes to communication?

Do you like the advancement of technology so far? What do you think some pros and cons are when it comes to communication via technology?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 17 583 views

How do you learn about what's new in tech? Where do experts share their research and experiences?

This is part of our professionals series

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seema Feb 20 1258 views

how does being in a relationship affect your studies?

Will getting in a relationship disturb my studies?