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Eunice Sep 01, 2017 817 views

Should I pursue what I'm good at, or what I deeply want to do?

Personally for me, money is a big concern- especially with my financial background. I want to pursue med-school but the costs are making me deter from this passion. #suchislife #healthcare #advice #career-counseling

Minh Thu’s Avatar
Minh Thu May 18, 2016 1030 views

Should I choose the easier route or the hard one?

I got into a university, but I have no money for that school. However, I already admitted to it and declined all of my other schools because I thought I had note time to find the money. But, they want the initial payment this week. I also signed up for a school in my state, but it won't get...

Julianna-Ngoc’s Avatar
Julianna-Ngoc Sep 01, 2017 848 views

What are easy ways to take notes while in lectures?

I am the type to just write everything down, but it doesn't really help. Should I use a laptop to type notes or continue writing them? I heard color coding helps, but I'm not sure if it takes up a lot of time.
#notes #study #studying #studying-tips #studies

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Mar 06, 2023 467 views

How do I start taking my studies more seriously ?

. It takes me all night to study and I'm easily distracted. I want to finish my homework and do my studies in the same night, but I always end up doing just one of those things that night.