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Noah Mar 15 189 views

How do I become a better salesman?

I want to sell my business very well. I feel like I just need to be out there more, any tips ?

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Pharrell Mar 14 320 views

What are your duties on a day to day basis? do you also get to choose which assignments you work on?

Working on my trade certification in B.C.T

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Mar 14 217 views

Is going to college worth it?

I am a senior in high school

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 15 263 views

Is art more of a side job?

Since art is unstable, should it be a side job or having other jobs while being an artist?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 15 354 views

What are some jobs for high school students?

How could I get one and what are some tips when working?