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Bryan Sep 13, 2022 613 views

What are careers other than law where I can leverage my interest in model UN and debate?

I love participating in model UN and am on the debate team. I know law is a related career but I'm thinking about other careers where this skill could be applied but not just in law. I'd love to hear what majors come to mind for someone good at debate and interested in model UN - maybe...

j’s Avatar
j Jul 19, 2022 908 views

Consulting Question

How can I become a consultant, I want to break into MBB but don't know how!

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 18, 2023 729 views

are FRATS worth it in college?

I am curious about how it is

Ur’s Avatar
Ur Apr 23, 2023 409 views

What are the best classes to help get into college?

I want to go to law school

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 19, 2021 2317 views

Whats the most valuable thing you learned in business school?