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nierre’s Avatar
nierre Jul 12, 2023 395 views

How do you tend to stay motivated when things keep crashing down on you?

An other words, what are some tips to stay motivated. I'm not eligible to work without a working permit. I don't know what school i'm going to. I have no way of income and its hard to stay positive when you're young and have to provide for yourself.

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Jul 12, 2023 308 views

What is a good way to start looking for internships over summer for a Cybersecurity major with a minor in Spanish? What are good job opportunities throughout the cybersecurity field? ?

What are good job opportunities throughout the cybersecurity field? ?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jun 07, 2023 389 views

What would look best on my application?

I want to major in psychology. What colleges are best in that major and what and how does it look like to get into those colleges? Im going to play volleyball, does that help beef out my application? What internships would be best?

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Jun 07, 2023 332 views

How do I get started as an actress?

I’m 14 and want to be an actress but I want to join the U.S. army first